We believe your social connectivity has a value and we have partnered with a series of clients that are willing to give you valuable things completely free based on your social media presence.
  • It’s mobile.
    Valued products, services and experiences at the touch of a button.

  • It’s local.
    Immediate access to locations near you.

  • It’s social.
    Connectivity has power and Freebie helps you use it.

Freebie is a mobile application that enables everyday people to leverage their social media networks to obtain remarkable products, services and experiences for free from local businesses and brands.

How it works

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Business agrees to provide a valuable product for free.
The "freebie" displays on mobile application.
User downloads the Freebie app and easily links up to their social media networks.
Users redeem products available to them based on their social influence rating.
Once a redemption is made, Freebie generates a social posting that goes out on the user's social networks.
Freebie is a Chicago-based tech company that has a passion for remarkable products. Our mobile application allows users to access valuable goods, services and experiences for free while helping businesses gain traffic, awareness and loyalty.

Word-of-mouth is marketing power.


Ben Rosenfield

Founder & CEO

Elizabeth Wypasek

Marketing Director

Sheraz Khan

Account Manager

Sunny Syed

Lead Developer

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